Q1. Yarnbury Rugby Club...where is it?
Ans: Click here for a map of the area or click here for the Google map site: enter LS18 5BH in the search

Q2. What do I do at my first Aire Valley meeting?
Ans. Just say hi to anyone...we're a frendly bunch, honest! We also have a table for new members to meet at during our monthly chapter meetings. They will be able to answer all your questions and point you to all the 'characters' that pervade our rich and wonderful world.

Q3. What do I do at Ride-Outs?
Ans: On arrival at your first ride-out speak to Road Captains make it known to them that you are a new member, they will explain formation riding and any safety aspects for all our safety. Also look at the Ride-out and Safety information on the website: Ride-Out and Safety information can be seen by clicking here

Q4. I can't sew on my patches (or haven't got the time etc), is there anyone that will do it for me, without getting ripped off?
Ans: There are a few known people who do this for a reasonably low cost: Craggs Shoe Repairs in Crossgates, Leeds and Wetherby; Dave "the Leather Man" (Bradford area) call 01274 570252 or mob 07710049505; Garforth Shoe Repairs, Main Street, Garforth. The latter 2 contacts also do leather repairs and custom work.

Q5. Will I fit in?
Ans: We are all different people from different backgrounds but with two things in common: Harley Davidson and insanity. OK, so the second point is optional...but is helps :)

Q6. What is the best way to get the most out of Aire Valley HOG?
Ans; Get involved the more meetings, rallies etc you attend the more like minded people you will meet and the more enjoyment you'll get.

Q7. Am I expected to use my Harley at all events?
Ans: Come on your bike or car to meetings, bikes only at any other time; bring your partner (or someone else's).....wear what you want: mickey taking is optional ;)

Q8. Are there an expected minimum number of events I should attend?
Ans: You don't have to go on all the ride-outs and rallies if you don't want to - However, you will be welcome at them all. At rallies look out for the large Aire Valley club flag- come and join in at your own peril :)

Q9. If I have an idea, who do I speak to?
Ans: If you have an idea on any issue, please share it by contacting the relevant officer or speak to our Director. This is a club for us to all enjoy now and in the future, so we need your input.

Q10. Is there any Aire Valley merchandise?
Ans: Aire Valley Merchandise is available to purchase at the meetings. See our Secreatary. Outside of this, there is a link to Harley Merchandise, on the Links page of the website.

Q11. What do I do if I have any queries?
Ans: Hopefully, most members will be able to help or point you in the right direction or the website may have the answer, within its pages. However, if you need clarification on any queries about any aspect of Aire Valley/Hog ask Sandra, our Secretary; if she does notknow she will certainly know someone who does.

Q12. What do you do if you have any complaints related to service from a Harley Dealership?
Ans: The proper channel is via H-D Customer Service: phone number 0871 6412508.  Problems reported to this team are elevated directly through our Service Team here at H-D. That team looks at and tracks cases on an individual basis and by dealer and works to get them resolved. If there are trends in dealer issues to be looked at they will then be able to do it on our behalf."
So folks, for the benefit of all, it is better to follow this proceedure, outline by Marjorie, rather than keep it to yourself or just mutter your displeasure to the guy at the counter.

Most of all enjoy the moment, keep it simple, safe, and have fun.