Technical FAQs and General Tips


Q1: What is Stage One tuning and what are my best options?

Ans 1: See Paul's article from February's AVT (click here)


Q2: How do I transport my bike on a Ferry?

Ans 2: See Tony Burns' advice on such matters


Q3 to Q16: An extensive and very useful range of FAQs, with answers (of cousre),
provided by Andy Malham: click here to open the file. Thanks Andy.

FAQ Quicky Tips
If you have any complaints related to service from a Harley Dealership...........

....the proper channel is via H-D Customer Service: phone number 0871 6412508.  Problems reported to this team are elevated directly through our Service Team here at H-D. That team looks at and tracks cases on an individual basis and by dealer and works to get them resolved. If there are trends in dealer issues to be looked at they will then be able to do it on our behalf."

So folks, for the benefit of all, it is better to follow this proceedure, outline by Marjorie, rather than keep it to yourself or just mutter your displeasure to the guy at the counter.

OK, so where do I get my bike M.O.T done, now the dealership no longer provides this service?

For Leeds: Try either ALBA Tyres (Geldard Road) or Colin Appleyards Motorcycles ( Leeds).

Note: ALBA Tyes (Geldard Road) have a special deal for Aire Valley members; if you show your AV membership card, you will only pay £20.00 for the MOT [no card, no deal]. They are also very H-D friendly re numberpates etc.

For Harrogate: Starbeck Motorcycles, Camwall Road, Harrogate. Won’t give grief over number plates etc.

If you know of any other centres, especially outside Leeds, please let me know.

What's the best way to get scratches out of paintwork?
Graham Partridge - of 1000 mile ride fame - worked as a professional bike painter (Millenium Bike); he has kindly volunteered to give advice on all types of paint and damage but will have to see the damage first. He now has his own workshop: see HOME yellow pages.
I can't sew on my patches (or haven't got the time etc), is there anyone that will do it for me, without getting ripped off?
There are a few known people who do this for a reasonably low cost: Craggs Shoe Repairs in Crossgates, Leeds and Wetherby; Dave "the Leather Man" (Bradford area) call 01274 570252 or mob 07710049505; Garforth Shoe Repairs, Main Street, Garforth. The latter 2 contacts also do leather repairs and custom work.
Are there any good bike paint shops in the area?

Ian Garrick has heard that a paint shop called Roadhouse in Troydale, Pudsey is very good and reasonable prices. Down Troydale Lane from Pudsey to the bend at the bottom. Garage on right is in the yard of the garage.
Also, for standard paint jobs, Graham Partridge (Aire Valley member) now has his own workshop: see HOME yellow pages.

Where can I get a custom seat made or seat repair work done?

Tony Archer: Motorcycle Seat Specialist

Unit 7D, Riverside Works, Bradley Hill Rd, Huddersfield, HD1 6PQ. Tel: 01484 536832

I want to protect my tyres from having a blowout, so where can I get Ultraseal and how much is it?
Bike Tyres Leeds, 26A Main Street, Scholes, LS15 4DB: They will just take 10 mins to treat your tyres with Ultraseal; Cost approx. £22.00, which is cheaper and easier than buying a kit and having to do it yourself.

Bleedin Brakes....
Thought I might share this one with our members because it might just save them some money.

Decided to strip down the very noisy brakes on my 2004 ultra as everyone whinced when I stopped. Got new anti squeel springs from Leeds HD & off  set.

Two minutes into the job when i sheared off the bleeding nipple & then butchered tyhe thread trying to extract the stump.

Pete Ward

Went to dealers to discover that four pot calipers were £157 each & they hadn't got one. Went to see Tooty & Andy over at T city to see if they had a second hand one in their bits. No chance - four pot calipers are like hens teeth. However this is when some sunshine came into my life. Andy suggested a repair kit from Custom Chrome for less than £6. That wizard of the spanners Mr Edge repaired it & with a bottle of DOT 5 fluid the bill was well under £40. Result -well chuffed & thanks to all.

PS apparently a little heat is needed on the nipple first. (heard that before somewhere).
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